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    Cosmétique naturelle made in Bretagne ! 

  • Albane Habans

    Albane Habans is a young graphic designer and illustrator working in Nantes as a freelance for 4 years now.

  • Apunt

    Apunt is a Barcelona company offering handmade kits and knit toys for children.

  • Atelier Lugus

    Atelier Lugus is the result of collaboration between Jérémie (sculptor and carpenter) and David (architect and graphic designer). They embarked on the adventure by noting the complementarity of their technical skills to address the different stages of design and manufacture of a project.

    Their credo? "To show the care we bring to our work and the good mood that drives us in our creations!"

  • Berlin Boombox

    Berlin Boombox est une création de Axel Pfaender, designer berlinois.

  • Brew and Beer

    Brew and Beer, a French brand, which has been offering complete grain beer brewing kits since 2013.

  • Cocorikraft

    Cocorikraft is a brand of fun, ecological, useful and practical cardboard objects.

  • Coq6grue

    Coq6grue is a French company creating board games to be personalized by children

  • Corector Distribution

    Corector Distribution est une marque fournissant des produits en calligraphie et beaux-arts.

  • Editions Polystyrène

    Association créée en octobre 2010, les éditions polystyrène ont pour volonté de réaliser des albums de Bande dessinée à déplier, à combiner, à dérouler, à mélanger... bref des livres à manipuler.

  • Guardabosques

    Guardabosques are Argentinean paper artists who are fond of nature with a large N, exhibited at MALBA, the modern art museum of Buenos Aires. He recreates the wildlife that surrounds them with the utmost respect for it.

  • Imakin

    Sequins, flowers and embroidery ... it's DIY! Yes, but DIY can become so much more modern! Imakin carries DIY to the design level with resolutely modern projects!

  • La box à planter

    La Box à Planter s’adresse avant tout aux les amoureux de la nature ! Pour ceux qui veulent cultiver leurs propres légumes et aromates sur leur balcon comme dans leur jardin.

  • La Fabrique à Bière

    Fabriquez de façon simple, authentique et ludique votre bière maison, moins chère et plus savoureuse qu'en magasin.

  • La Faire soi-même

  • Les Jouets Libres

    Les Jouets Libres is a French brand that makes games and toys fun and responsible.

  • Lomography

    Lomography is a company specialized in film photography. It creates cameras and film and claims to be "a globally active organization dedicated to experimental and creative photography".

  • Ma Jolie Epicerie

    Ready to use, the kits of Ma Jolie Epicerie, contain all the ingredients (BIO), accessories and recipe and activities, to concoct family good desserts and snacks!

  • Manibus

    First, Manibus is the declination dative plural word hand in Latin, it can be translated into "for your hands" (proof that at Manibus, we dig our heads to please you!) ... Manibus is also a concept store and an website designed to help you use your 10 fingers and your right hemisphere.

  • Mes Kits Make It

    are DIY boxes containing a leaflet detailing step by step all the explanations and all the material necessary for the realization of creative and trendy objects.


    MOMOT est LA marque incontournable du papertoy. Créée par des designers coréen, MOMOT s'amuse à reprendre les personnages principaux de la pop-culture, et surtout les super-héros !

  • OMY

    OMY imagines and designs happy, graphic and smart products for the home. Create, share, decorate with those you love.

  • Papier Plié

    PAT is a talented Nantes paper artist. His paper creations are as grandiose as they are meticulous.

  • Papier Tigre

    Papier Tigre imagines, designs, manufactures and distributes products for office, correspondence, play and decoration.


    PATE-A-TETARD invented a playful, responsible and practical game. This DIY Kit for children (and not only) is perfect for learning to create your own salt!

  • Radis et Capucine

    The reference for gardening in the city and gardening for children.

  • Schlagwerk

    Schlagwerk est un fabriquant de batteries et de percussions artisanales depuis plus de 30 ans.

  • SculPaper

    SculPaper are animal paper sculptures made in France with a modern and refined design.

  • Studio ROOF

    Studio ROOF is a Dutch manufacturer that creates creative and fun furniture and objects for all ages.

  • We Are Knitters

    In just a few years, We Are Knitters has become the benchmark for knitting kits thanks to a community of more than 300,000 knitters around the world.

  • Wintercroft

    Wintercroft is a New Zealand company producing model masks to print and make from home. But we also have elements with all the elements for you even without having to print with your office printer;)

Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items