How was Manibus created?

Manibus is a physical and digital store offering only Do It Yourself kits, and as such it is unique.

So why did we create this concept and how did the idea crossed our minds? We started from the observation that the DIY is in full expansion and that it was necessary to find an idea allowing to revolutionize the sector, and to accelerate this expansion. Indeed the practice of « homemade » has more and more followers in categories that affect all daily activities. However, brakes to practice remain and block a number of potential "makers" for the wrong reasons.

We did an infographic (click on it to zoom in) to better understand the relationship that the French have with do-it-yourself and Do It Yourself, and to deduce why Manibus lifts the brakes to the practice of DIY and opens perspectives of significant growth for market players. Indeed, 93% of French people feel that doing yourself enhance the morale but 51% of them are afraid to embark on the « Do It Yourself » boat, for lack of benchmarks or knowledge.

Infographie Manibus marché DIY en France