The concept

What is Manibus?

First, Manibus is the declination dative plural word hand in Latin, it can be translated into "for your hands" (proof that at Manibus, we rack our brains to please you!) ... Manibus is also a concept-store and an e-commerce site designed to help you use your 10 fingers and your right hemisphere.


With complete kits, containing material and instructions step by step. No more unnecessary round trips, everything is in the kit!


In our premises: click & collect, advice, workshops and all kits mounted to inspire you. We welcome you from Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19h at 31 rue de Strasbourg in Nantes, France.
On the website: livechat, tutorials, videos and all the latest news from Manibus!

But why?

We are two to have had the idea of ​​Manibus, Amandine and Benjamin, in couple for 8 years. Basically it’s Amandine who knows how to use her « manibus », Benjamin contemplated, tried, then gave up. He lacked a notice, the Holy Grail of clumsy creatives. By dint of going back and forth in many stores to search for the material (without necessarily finding it), we had the idea of ​​grouping the elements of the DIY thanks to the kit system.

Les créateurs de Manibus Kits DIY

Our values ​​:

DIY: an alternative to overconsumption! Yes, creating yourself takes time, and it also allows us to realize that everything around us does not happen thanks to the Holy Spirit (but often by big boats that pollute...)! It's also important for one's self-development and that of others, to be proud of oneself in this world of selfish brutes, so share that happiness around you!

Only cardboard at Manibus? No ! But when there is, it is recycled! The planet, our fragile home, must be protected ... So we are committed to an eco-responsible approach, as local as possible, and of course French (we remain chauvinistic!), there is no small gesture.

And you in all this? Because you are the first actors of Manibus, we want you good! Raise your imagination by offering "smart" kits that get you away from screens, give you organic food (and drink!), so you always have more opportunity to be proud of your creations and share them with your close ones, as simple as that!

Discover our worlds :


Become the new Philippe Stark with our kits to realize your wall decoration, lights, small objects, cushions and plaids…


Earn your chef's stars by growing your own oyster mushrooms, aromatic herbs and vegetables or making your own beverages. 


Taking a picture is fine, with the camera you made yourself is better. And if Robert Doisneau is unknown to some, it is still possible to get the kits to mount musical instruments, a ghetto blaster, art toys, make screen printing or create objects in 3D…


« Turn off this TV! »,« Put down this tablet! »... We thought that by offering you a selection of games, costumes, cooking recipes, decorative objects for children, you would avoid a new lion wrinkle ;)